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Scott Adsit, Anthony Rapp, Sam Underwood, et al. Set for 3D Hamlet logo
Anthony Rapp
(© Tristan Fuge)
3D Hamlet: A Lost Generation, a multimedia distillation of Shakespeare's play, will be presented by Fundamental Theater Project at The Irish Arts Center, July 21-24.The production will be directed by Lisa Milinazzo.

The show's rotating cast will feature Scott Adsit, Spencer Aste, Jon McCormick, Nicola Murphy, Jeffrey Omura, Anthony Rapp, Sam Underwood, Jennifer Van Dyck, and Jonathan Walker, and special appearances by Alec Baldwin, Richard Easton, Michael Emerson, and Meg Gibson.

The design team includes David Bengali (lighting and video project), Lee Peterkin (director of photography and video projection design), Jeanne Wu (sound design), Sabina Petra (composer), Marianne Lu (set design), and Lauren George (costume design).

The production will travel next month to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

For more information, call 646-326-2087 or visit

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