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Patti Issues Star Ben Rimalower to Perform His Play Bad With Money at The Duplex

Aaron Mark will direct the new solo show. logo
Ben Rimalower will perform his new play Bad With Money at The Duplex.
(© Allison Michael Orenstein)

Ben Rimalower, author and star of the long-running solo show Patti Issues, has created a new biographical play. The one-man-show, Bad With Money, is set to premiere at The Duplex for a two-month run from September 4-November 6. Aaron Mark will direct.

Bad With Money charts Rimalower's struggle to overcome an addiction to spending beyond his means. The problem has driven him to extreme lengths, taking him through debt, drug addiction, prostitution, and fraud.

"People tend to be familiar now with alcohol and drug addiction — and I've got those too," Rimalower said in a statement, "but spending money I don't have is really my drug of choice. And considering how many people suffer from the same problem, it's staggering how seldom it's discussed."

In addition to Patti Issues, Rimalower's previous work includes directing off-Broadway plays Joy and The Fabulous Life of a Size Zero. He also helmed Justin Sayre Is Alive and Well...Writing, Project Lohan, Snoopy! starring Sutton Foster, and more.

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