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Kristin Griffith, William Jackson Harper, Haskell King et al. Set for EST's Unfiltered 2011 logo
Haskell King
Casting has been announced for Unfiltered 2011, studio productions of new plays from The Ensemble Studio Theatre Youngblood program, to be presented January 13-February 5.

Haskell King, Kristin Griffith, Richmond Hoxie, Diana Ruppe and Michael Louis Wells will be featured in Sweet Forgotten Flavor (January 13-22), by Patrick Link, directed by RJ Tolan. In it, a wealthy lawyer commissions a talented but penniless painter to do a portrait, but during their first painting session a careless proposal releases an unstoppable spring of sin, scandal and sensuality.

Katie Atcheson, Eric Feldman, Julie Fitzpatrick, William Jackson Harper and Clare McNulty will star in Anna Moench's In Quietness (January 19-24), directed by Birgitta Victorson. It is the tale of a former CEO who follows her born-again husband to a Southern Baptist seminary and enrolls as a student at the Homemaking House, a place where marital bliss means never having to say thank you for cleaning the toilet.

Denny Bess, Megan Hill, Amy Staats and Justin Noble comprise the cast of The Sluts of Sutton Drive (January 27-February 5), written by Joshua Conkel and directed by Lila Neugebauer. It centers on a working mother who enrolls in a strip aerobics class only to realize she hates men, but it's not until she becomes addicted to drinking cleaning products that her life really begins to unravel.

For the entire Unfiltered 2011 series, scenic design is by Maiko Chii, sound by Hillary Charnas, costumes by Danielle Schembre and Erica Evans, lighting by Cat Tate Starmer and props by Renee Williams.

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