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Justin Bond, Bruce LaBruce, Annie Sprinkle, et al. to Guest at Vaginal Davis Is Speaking From the Diaphragm logo
Justin Bond
(© Liz Liguori)
A list of the guest stars has been announced for Vaginal Davis Is Speaking From the Diaphragm, at PS 122, May 15-27.

Starring 2009 Ethyl Eichelberger Award winner Davis, along with performance artist Carmelita Tropicana and Circus Amok's bearded lady Jennifer Miller, the show is an episodic series of performance that dissects the heyday of 1970s American daytime television chat and variety programs, taking the format of legendary talk shows like The Mike Douglas Show and Dinah! (starring Dinah Shore).

Confirmed rotating nightly guest stars include Fashion Powerhouses: Rick Owens & Michelle Lamy, and Pierrot; Culture Guard: Guy Trebay, Bruce Benderson, Joe E. Jefferies, Glenn Belverio, Jose Munoz, Marc Seigel, Jennifer Doyle, John Edward Hayes & Zazie De Paris; Film Glitterati: Bruce LaBruce, Michel Auder, Susanne Sachsse, Uzi Parnes & Ela Troyano, Jackie Raynal of Zanzibar Film Group; Musical Prodigies: Gio Black Peter, Joel Gibb of the band The Hidden Cameras, Jaime Stewart of XIU XIU, Kembra Pfahler of The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Glen Meadmore, Carol Pope, Intellectual Pop Power Couple Kathleen Hanna (Le Tigre/Bikini Kill) & Adam Horovitz (a.k.a Ad-rock, nee the Beastie Boys); Art Stars & Performance Legends: Bibbe Hansen & Sean Carillo, Justin Bond, Annie Sprinkle, Jibz Cameron a.k.a. Dynasty Handbag, Billy Miller, Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny, Mashinka Firunts & Jeremy J F Thompson, and Julie Tolentino; and an Ethyl Eichelberger Cabal.

Design and production will be by Jonathan Berger in collaboration with Sarah Marcy and Joshua Lubin-Levy, Alexander Hollenbach, and Julia Rexon. Video is by Jean Kim, with sound by Jason Martin.

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