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Wish Hugh Jackman Would Leave Special Messages on Your Voicemail?

The League of Professional Theatre Women will make your dream a reality (sorta).

The League of Professional Theatre Women will auction off a voicemail message from Hugh Jackman.
(© David Gordon)

Hugh Jackman is the perfect Broadway boyfriend. Not only does he love theater, he has bulging biceps and knows how to fillet a fish. But the League of Professional Theater Women knows the cherry on top of the scrumptious sundae that is Hugh Jackman would be a special message on your phone — the kind that perfect boyfriends leave just to let you know they care.

That's why, as part of its on-going annual auction, the league has put "A Personalized Voicemail Message From Hugh Jackman" on the block. Voters can visit to place their bid. The auction is open through March 17. At the time of writing, the leading bid was $1,100 — only slightly more than the voicemail's $1,000 valuation.

In addition to the personal voicemail message, the auction's lucky winner will receive an autographed photo of Hugh Jackman by photographer Ben Watts.

Hugh Jackman's Broadway credits include The Boy From Oz, for which he won a Tony, A Steady Rain, and most recently, The River. He also starred in his one-man show Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway in 2011.