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Flashback Friday: Elizabeth Olsen Before She "Divided Houses"

If only Juliet had told the Montagues to B-U-T-T out. logo

Mary-Kate & Ashley can't say Little Lizzie is "chopped liver" anymore. Elizabeth Olsen, probably actually best known for her various cameos in the cult favorite series The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley, will soon be gracing the off-Broadway stage in a mildly more dramatic Shakespearean role. She will be playing Juliet in Classic Stage Company's production of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet in their upcoming 2013/14 season.

We really are thrilled for her newfound stage success, but she'll always hold a special place in our hearts as Mary-Kate & Ashley's annoying tag-along baby sister.

Start at 6:44 to see her older sisters kick her to the curb with the help of some sweet rhymes.