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Flashback Friday: Audrey Hepburn Loves on Broadway

Audrey Hepburn showers grace and charm all over the Shubert as she wins her second Tony Award.

Audrey Hepburn
In honor of Wednesday's Breakfast at Tiffany's opening, we decided to look back on the film's iconic screen heroine, Audrey Hepburn. A Broadway veteran herself, Hepburn made her Rialto debut as the titular Gigi, for which she won a Theatre World Award, 17 years before this 1968 speech at the Shubert Theatre (current home of Matilda).

In '68, Audrey Hepburn was back on Broadway to accept a special Tony Award for…existing, apparently? Her awards speech is hyper-classy and humble, obvs, expressing her appreciation for the community as she mentions her first Tony win (Best Actress in a Play for Ondine in 1954): "Broadway, like all old timers, just decides to be very generous and warm and affectionate, as it was some years ago when it smiled on a rather thin young actress with a rather thin, young talent."

We knew she was stunningly beautiful, sweet, and talented, but ready with some classy self-deprecating humor? She's officially flawless.

The Breakfast at Tiffany's film premiered in 1961 in between Hepburn's Tony wins. Her costar George Pappard appeared on Broadway in The Pleasure of His Company and Girls of Summer. Other Broadway stars in the cast included Tony Award winner Patricia Neal (Another Part of the Forest), Buddy Ebsen (Show Boat), Tony Award winner Martin Balsam (You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running), John McGiver (The Front Page), Alan Reed (The Pirate), Dorothy Whitney (The Good Soup), lyricist Stanley Adams (A Lady Says Yes), Claude Stroud (Heaven on Earth), and Mickey Rooney (Sugar Babies).