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Drunk Shakespeare Will Pour a While Longer

The boozy Bard experience extends for a second time at Quinn's Bar & Grill.

Lindsey Hope Pearlman, Damiyr Shuford, and Kristin Friedlander in Drunk Shakespeare, directed by David Hudson, at Quinn's Bar & Grill.
(Photo courtesy the production.)

Drunk Shakespeare has extended for a second time at Quinn's Bar & Grill. Performances by the self-described "company of professional drinkers with a serious Shakespeare problem" will now play through October 18, after beginning on March 26 under the direction of David Hudson.

Drunk Shakespeare kicks off with one actor drinking more than five shots of whiskey before attempting to lead the cast through a Shakespearean story in under 90 minutes. Each performance is different, and the results are messy and outrageous. Friday and Saturday shows offer an extra round with a second show during which the same inebriated actor from the early show keeps drinking — and performing.

The interactive performance allows adventurous theatergoers to enjoy "The King Experience," which includes a crown to wear, a throne to sit on, complimentary drinks, and the ability to make proclamations during the course of the evening.

Drunk Shakespeare is performed by a rotating company of actors. The cast includes Tiffany Abercrombie, Lucas Calhoun, Kristin Friedlander, Julia Giolzetti, Josh Hyman, Whit Leyenberger, Christina Liu, Lindsey Hope Pearlman, Damiyr Shuford, and Adam Thomas Smith.

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