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Aaron Carter Takes a Fantasticks Voyage

The pop superstar discusses joining the long-running Off-Broadway musical.

Aaron Carter
(© John Capo Public Relations)
Aaron Carter
(© John Capo Public Relations)

Aaron Carter rose to fame as a teen pop star when his first full-length solo album, Aaron Carter achieved gold status worldwide, while his follow-up, Aaron’s Party, went triple-platinum. He made his Broadway debut in the musical Seussical in 2001 and is now back on the New York stage as Matt in the long-running Off-Broadway show, The Fantasticks, at the Snapple Theater Center. TheaterMania recently spoke with Carter about the production, how it feels to be back in New York, and his music career.

THEATERMANIA: What’s it like being on stage again in a musical?
AARON CARTER: It’s great! I have been performing my whole life. When I’m not performing, I’m bored. I love doing music and recording and producing, but there is no better reward than being on stage I wanted to be in New York, and now I get to be here doing this incredible Off-Broadway show.

TM: Why do you think the musical has been attracting audiences for more than 50 years?
AC: The whole play revolves around love, and love makes the world go around. The story is very real and to the point. There is a clear beginning, middle and end to this piece. Act II gets darker, and it is no longer this simple love story. It shows you that nobody is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes.

TM: What were rehearsals like for you?
AC: I got my butt kicked! I wasn’t doing everything right, and I like when people tell me [if I’m making mistakes]. That’s what helps me become a better artist. Rehearsals were like going to music school for two weeks.

Juliette Trafton and Aaron Carter in The Fantasticks
(© Joseph Marzullo)
Juliette Trafton and Aaron Carter in The Fantasticks
(© Joseph Marzullo)

TM: How do you personally relate to Matt?
AC: Matt is a fool for love. He has love figured out and he knows what he wants. He loves the girl next door and they talk to each other over the wall. Matt goes off and experiences the world, and realizes that she is the only girl for him. I want there to be love around me. That makes me a better man. At one point Matt goes out drinking, gambles, gets all messed up. I had that lifestyle before. I’ve done it all. It’s so real to me. I try to find the realness in any role that I play.

TM: Are you working on a new album?
AC: I have been in the studio working on my craft. My focus was on music for a while. But acting is where it is for me now. I know my fans are waiting for an album; I just need more time.

TM: Do you have any special plans for the holidays while you are in New York?

AC: We are working on every holiday. So, my holiday plans are The Fantasticks. What an incredible way to spend the holidays. I love family and all that, but this is amazing as well!

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