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Ayad Akhtar's Disgraced Comes to McCarter Theatre Center

Performances of the Pulitzer Prize-winning drama begin tonight.

Maboud Ebrahimzadeh stars as Amir in Ayad Akhtar's Pulitzer Prize-winning Disgraced, directed by Marcela Lorca, at McCarter Theatre.
(photo provided by McCarter Theatre)

Disgraced begins performances tonight at McCarter Theatre Center.

In Ayad Akhtar's Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, Amir Kapoor is a successful lawyer at a prestigious Manhattan law firm. He is married to a beautiful woman and is trying to live a good life. When familial bonds tighten and conversations at a dinner party turn confrontational, racial and religious tension forces him to face his own ambition and stifled cultural identity.

The cast includes Adit Dileep (Animals out of Paper) as Abe, Maboud Ebrahimzadeh (The Liar) as Amir, Kevin Isola (Brooklyn Boy) as Isaac, Caroline Kaplan (The Silver Cord) as Emily, and Austene Van (The Owl Answers) as Jory. Marcela Lorca directs.

"This imaginative work of art is in direct conversation with current global dynamics," said Lorca. "The play presents human beings who are themselves living in a confusing world, wrestling with their identities as Americans (and) with their ancestral roots. These characters are not heroes; they are complex people who often harbor conflicting points of view. In the same way, our world is not simple, nor easy, and true understanding will only derive from our willingness to ask hard questions, embrace contradictions and empathize with those who differ from us."

The creative team comprises James Youmans (scenic design), Ana Kuzamanic (costume design), Rui Rita (lighting design), Scott W. Edwards (sound design), Sanford Moore (music composition), and Samantha Reading (fight direction).

Performances run through October 30.

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