Shopping and F**king
By Meg Donivan · Mar 31, 2000
Meg Donivan reviews the Celebration Theatre's production of Mark Ravenhill's award-winning play.
By David Finkle · Mar 31, 2000
Adam Pascal and Heather Headleyshare a quiet moment in Aida Perhaps the most striking aspect of the Elton John-Tim Rice Aida is how un-striking it is. ...
The Beauty Queen of Leenane
By Julio Martinez · Mar 31, 2000
Martin McDonagh's pitch black comedy comes to South Coast Rep, and is reviewed by Julio Martinez.
Mary Stuart
By Iris Fanger · Mar 31, 2000
Iris Fanger finds a devious, mercurial Mary, matched by a marvelous, tormented Elizabeth.
What You Get and What You Expect
By Elias Wolfberg · Mar 29, 2000
If anything thought provoking comes out of New York Theater Workshop's light, unfocused French import What You Get and What You Expect, it is the introduction to this continent of
House Arrest
By Andy Buck · Mar 28, 2000
An illuminating thing happened to Anna Deavere Smith four years ago as she sought interviews for House Arrest, her new documentary performance about the U.S.
The Hologram Theory
By David Finkle · Mar 28, 2000
From The Hologram Theory There's been some buzz of late about Jessica Goldberg, who's still in her 20s. She's been so recognized during her still-young ...
Rita Faye Pruitte
By Josh Godfrey · Mar 28, 2000
From Rita Faye Pruitte Mermaids and miracles abound in Rita Faye Pruitte, a sometimes funny, often contrived, and ultimately touching new play by Suzanne
Miss Lulu Bett
By David Finkle · Mar 27, 2000
From Miss Lulu Bett It's not every day the chance pops up to see a production of Zona Gale's Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, Miss Lulu Bett. In fact, as th
The Way of the World
By Josh Godfrey · Mar 24, 2000
The Pearl Theatre is presently swamped with love, lust, jealousy, betrayal, and fashion in their revival of William Congreve's The Way of the World. With a plot