By Raven Snook · Mar 12, 2000
From Furious "Nothing stands for anything--everything is!" proclaims Roland, playwright, protagonist, and obvious autobiographical stand-in for Australian au
Armchair America
By Jessica Leader · Mar 12, 2000
From Armchair America If there was ever a perfect site for Armchair America: The Recline of Western Civilization, a new comedy by Tom Bondi and Mark Holt,
Lawrence and Marguerite
By Laura Erlich · Mar 12, 2000
Throughout history, a myriad of literary texts have evoked the conflict imposed upon spirits coming to terms with their existence in the afterlife. From Hamlet's ...
Martin Guerre
By Debbi K. Swanson · Mar 11, 2000
Hugh Panaro and Stephen Buntrockin Martin Guerre You need look no further than the printed program for Martin Guerre to see why the show fails so ...
By Iris Fanger · Mar 11, 2000
Yasmina Reza's triple-talk Tony-winning play, gets displayed in Boston.
Police Deaf Near Far
By Catey Sullivan · Mar 11, 2000
David Rush's new play speaks volumes about the prejudices faced by the deaf.
By Jonathan Abarbanel · Mar 11, 2000
Classic Greek goes backyard realism at American Theatre Company .
The Infidel
By Jonathan Abarbanel · Mar 11, 2000
A once-respected state supreme court justice pleads guilty to high infidelity.
Women and Wallace
By Tom Hawkinson · Mar 8, 2000
Women and Wallace, Jonathan Marc Sherman's '80s dark comedy about the genesis of male insecurity and gender identity, has long since been a staple of theater ...
The Balladeer
By Kathryn Walat · Mar 8, 2000
The entertainment gods have deemed high school hot. From American Pie to Election, from the latest angst-ridden escapades of Dawson, Pacey, and Joe