L'il Brown Brothers/Nikimalika
By Elias Wolfberg · May 9, 2000
Jojo Gonzalez There are so few plays around New York where the majority of the cast is made up of non-Caucasians that I really wanted to like L'il Brown Brothers/N
I Wanna Be Adored
By Raven Snook · May 9, 2000
Until last Friday, I thought I was the only loud, funny, Jewish Goth who listened to show tunes in New York City. Brilliant playwright Marc Spitz, whose new piece
Abie's Island Rose
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · May 8, 2000
Lovers of musical theater who are thirsty for great new shows have been wandering in a production desert for several years. No wonder, then, that even the slightest little sun ...
This Lime Tree Bower
By Lawrence Bommer · May 6, 2000
Lawrence Bommer weighs in on Conor McPherson's celebrated but mysterious triple-threat play.
Sweeney Todd
By Leonard Jacobs · May 5, 2000
So richly textured is Stephen Sondheim's score for Sweeney Todd, his 1979 Tony Award-winning musical, that to hear it played by the New York Philharmonic--...
Dirty Blonde
By Jeannie Lieberman · May 5, 2000
Claudia Shear as Mae West A true story, as related by Tony Award-winning musical director Don Pippin: "A young student pianist [Pippin himself] comes to meet Mae ...
Backseats and Bathroom Stalls
By John DeVore · May 3, 2000
Subtitled "a not-so-romantic comedy of bad manners," Backseats and Bathroom Stalls aspires to raunchy abandon but instead delivers an often inspired but ...
Uncle Vanya
By David Finkle · May 2, 2000
Roger Rees, Derek Jacobi, and Laura Linney In his major plays, Anton Chekhov assiduously demonstrates how much "anguish" there is in "languish." His world-weary ...
Forbidden Broadway Strikes Back!
By Hoyt Hilsman · May 2, 2000
The latest edition of Gerard Alessandrini's long-running spoof of all things Broadway is reviewed by Hoyt Hilsman.
The Sacrificial King...a play for John Lennon
By David Marcus · May 1, 2000
Paul Jones and Peter Byrne as McCartney & Lennon How much must an artist sacrifice in order to fulfill his soul? Is there any distinction between one's art and one