War Stories: A Chronology of a Crack Addict
By Jonathan Abarbanel · Jun 21, 2000
Jonathan Abarbanel reviews Tinfish's latest effort, a gritty, no-holds-barred, nihilistic look at contemporary, drug-induced depravity.
The Grandmama Tree
By Catey Sullivan · Jun 21, 2000
Catey Sullivan reviews a mystical, familial, prize-winning work by playwright Bernard Cummins.
Joe Fearless
By Josh Godfrey · Jun 19, 2000
From Joe Fearless Off-Broadway has been host to a slew of popular, genre-busting shows in recent years, such as De La Guarda and The Bomb-itty of Err
Fanny and Walt
By Jessica Leader · Jun 19, 2000
From Fanny and Walt It is always valuable to remember the women behind the famous men, the women whose revolutionary work and ideas preceded those whose name
The Poison Tree
By Dany Margolies · Jun 15, 2000
Bob Gunton and Anne Archerin The Poison Tree A cornerstone of American legal rights is the protection against unreasonable governmental search and seizure. ...
George Gershwin Alone
By Debbi K. Swanson · Jun 15, 2000
Hershey Felder as George Gershwin Breakthrough artists are often both revered and reviled for their work. And then there's the backlash effect: If an artist is known ...
Current Events
By Melissa Rose Bernardo · Jun 14, 2000
Has any playwright tackled as much in his first two plays as David Marshall Grant has? Give the man credit for taking a bite out of Big Issues: In Snakebit...
Syria, America
By Elias Wolfberg · Jun 14, 2000
Syria, America is one of those plays that feeds you bits and pieces of wisdom when all you think you're digesting is an ice-cream cone. The play is nominally about what happen
King Hedley II
By Iris Fanger · Jun 13, 2000
From King Hedley II August Wilson's ambitious undertaking of writing a drama for each decade of the 20th century about the African-American experience has
The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told
By Michael Bettencourt · Jun 13, 2000
From The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told Despite the waterfall of gay themes and references that sluices through Paul Rudnick's The Most Fabulous Story Ever