Two By Two
Eric Hartley and Sharry O'Hare in Two By Two All over America, theaters are celebrating the centennial of the birth of composer Richard Rodgers. A major ...
Ellen Lauren is Virginia Woolf in Room(Photo: AJ Zanek) Ellen Lauren is an arresting presence on stage--and off stage, too. The ...
One Shot, One Kill
Robert Montano and Michael Cullen in One Shot, One Kill (Photo: Marvin Einhorn) The Bush administration has remained noticeably vagu
House and Garden
Jan Maxwell in the House(Photo: Joan Marcus) Famous for embarking on a new play only when he's figured out a gimmick, Alan Ayckbourn dreamed up a lollapalooza ...
John Barrowman and company in Company (Photo: Joan Marcus) Washington, D.C. It may be difficult to imagine, but Stephen Sondheim has
Moving at the Speed of Life
Kristen Valerio in Moving at the Speed of Life Finally, a play that takes a closer look at Starbucks--or, at least, at the people that spend time eating, dri
Smelling a Rat
Eddie Kaye Thomas and Michelle Williams in Smelling a Rat (Photo: Carol Rosegg) It's difficult to categorize Mike Leigh's Smelling
Long Island Sound
Patricia O'Connell and Simon Jones in Long Island Sound (Photo: Joan Marcus) Noël Coward's Long Island Sound opens and clo
The Real Thing
Neil Stewart, Natalie Brown, Stephen Russell, and Debra Wise in The Real Thing There are moments in Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing
EST Marathon 2002
Toby Poser and Felix Solis in Why I Followed You(Photo: Carol Rosegg) There was a time when you couldn't do much with a one-act but put it on a bill with ...