Winnie the Pooh
A scene from Winnie the Pooh (Photo © Feld Entertainment) When I was a boy, I owned a stuffed Tigger. He was always my favorite inhabitant of the Hundred
The Other Side
The always wonderful Rosemary Harris is wasted in Ariel Dorfman's dull anti-war play.
The Prince Music Theatre scores with an entertaining production of this beloved Broadway musical.
Dennis McNitt in Haymarket Photos © Trevor Oswalt The strict definition of "alchemy" is the practice of turning a lesser substance into gold, but the Alc
Chita Rivera: The Dancer's Life
A great stage star is poorly showcased in this disappointing revue/review of her life and career.
A Touch of the Poet
The Roundabout's revival of Eugene O'Neill's drama, starring Gabriel Byrne, could use a little more poetry.
Maria Dizzia, David Andrew McMahon, Emily Donahoe,T. Ryder Smith, and Garrett Neergaard in Apparition (Photo © Aaron Epstein) It'
Three Sisters
Kelly McAndrew, Molly Ward, and Sarah Grace Wilson in Three Sisters (Photo © Richard Feldman) Even if you didn't know that Polis
Peter Pan
Cathy Rigby soars again as the boy who won't grow up, but the Theater at Madison Square Garden is the wrong place for this show.
Klonsky and Schwartz
William Wise and Chris Ceraso in Klonksy and Schwartz (Photo © Carol Rosegg) There are reasons why Romulus Linney's Klonsky an