Adam Heller, Barbara Walsh, Nicholas Belton, and Erin Leigh Peck in Normal (Photo © Carol Rosegg) Barbara Walsh has made a sparkl
Manic Flight Reaction
Deirdre O'Connell and Jessica Collinsin Manic Flight Reaction (Photo © Joan Marcus) "My generation can't change the world," says
See What I Wanna See
Idina Menzel stars in Michael John LaChiusa's daring new musical at The Public Theater.
Adrift in Macao
Rachel DeBenedet and David McDonald in Adrift in Macao (Photo © Mark Garvin) Adrift in Macao, the new one-act musical by C
The Odd Couple
In its starry revival, Neil Simon's comedy remains a superior example of commercial Broadway entertainment.
Jodie Markell, Jenny Maguire, and E. Jason Liebrecht in Karla(Photo © Brian Michael Thomas) Karla, Grammy Award-winning sin
The Paper Mill Playhouse production of this much-tinkered-with Rodgers & Hammerstein musical is a hodgepodge.
2 Lives
Tom Aldredge and James Sutorius in 2 Lives(Phot © T. Charles Erickson) As was the case with Lee Blessing's Thief River, one
In her engaging new play, Wendy Wasserstein examines power and privilege in an academic setting.
Ashley Montana Goes Ashore in the Caicos
The Flea's star-studded show takes a look at the meaning of life -- and cell phones.