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A New Federal Party
By Dan Bacalzo · Mar 15, 2001
Woodie King, Jr.'s New Federal Theatre celebrates its 30th anniversary with a star-studded gala benefit.
The Good Thief
By Dan Bacalzo · Mar 14, 2001
Brian d'Arcy James in The Good Thief(Photo: Carl Forsman) "I hate people with skills that can do stuff," states the unnamed narrator of Conor McPherson's Th
There Is No Joy in Whoville
By Charles Nelson · Mar 13, 2001
The Seussical company trembles as DAVID SHINER is unceremoniously given the boot and cast changes continue.
Ten Unknowns
By David Finkle · Mar 13, 2001
Donald Sutherland and Julianna Marguliesin Ten Unknowns(Photo: Joan Marcus) Since the advent of conceptual art--and in truth, long before the second half of ...
Tennessee Williams: Man of Letters
By Charles Wright · Mar 12, 2001
Charles Wright pores over a collection of letters by TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, published by New Directions.
A Class Act
By David Finkle · Mar 12, 2001
The Broadway cast of A Class Act in rehearsal Under the impression that A Class Act had been quantifiably changed during its transfer from the ...
Designing Woman
By David Finkle · Mar 12, 2001
Full-time beauty and sometime actress Marisa Berenson makes her Broadway debut in Noël Coward's Design for Living.
Dirty Stuff
By Dan Bacalzo · Mar 9, 2001
Jonny McGovern in Dirty Stuff(Photo: Matthu Placek) "I'm going to cut off all your hair and make a wig for my pussy," declares Chocolate Puddin', one of Jonny ...
Ring Them Bells!
By Michael Portantiere · Mar 9, 2001
Faith Prince, Marc Kudisch, and company on the first Broadway revival of Bells Are Ringing.
Upstairs at the ''Y''
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Mar 9, 2001
Barbara & Scott Siegel have high praise for ALIX KOREY, DAVID FRIEDMAN, and the new Cabaret Uptown series at the 92nd Street ''Y.''