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Kirsch is a hypnogician. Sit back and let Kirsch enter your mind. He will tell you things that you already know and maybe somethings that you were not aware of. He DOES NOT talk to the dead. If you could suspend your beliefs for an hour, he will have you wondering if he could truly read your mind or if he has the Force. Imagine Kirsch telling you what your Birthday is or making you to forget your name. It truly is that crazy What is unique about Kirsch’s show is that every show is different. It is not a scripted show, in fact it is the audience and the volunteers that will dictate the show. The comedy and entertainment is not forced because it is the people that create the situations. If there is one word to describe this show …FUN….INSANE…SMART….Okay, we could not do it in one word

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Dates: One Night Only: October 4, 2014