About This Show

Jeanmarie Williams’ Science Fair is a comedy for Social Darwinists, directed by Joseph Megel. This one-woman show is set in a world of raging hormones and rigid social orders, where outside appearances and a general aura of “cool” dictate one’s significance. In other words: the American high school. Robbie Berry plays Marcee, an inarticulate bespectacled nerd; Kiki, a “perfectly proportional” cheerleader; Michelle, an obnoxious goody-too-shoes Girl Scout; Jethro, a laidback but gifted violinist; and Gretchen, the anti-nuke activist. Playwright Williams gives us an opportunity to know these kids up close, warts and all, and catch a glimpse of their future trajectory, daring us to take notice where, in most cases, society did not.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: November 11, 2000 Final Performance: November 19, 2000