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This is the compelling, intimate story of Dr. Stanton Lake, a brain anatomy professor who, while trying to remain focused on a class lecture, is distracted by flashes of his own past. Hallucinations reveal the grief which haunts him and the fact that he could not save the love of his life, a woman who was mortally wounded emotionally before he met her. Despite his care and deep devotion to her- for which he went so far as murdering her perpetrator- his love was not enough to save her from her own grief. Angry that she is dead, and at himself for having lost her, he struggles to save himself, by forgiving and letting go of her. This turning point in his life is illustrated both poignantly and comically, with music and movement contributing much to the mood of the piece.

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Dates: Opening Night: December 2, 2003 Final Performance: December 6, 2003
Location: Manhattan TheatreSource, New York City

177 MacDougal St,

New York,


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