About This Show

HotMilk PRODUCTIONS presents BABAisms, an evening of three short plays exploring the facts, fictions, fortunes and fates of four fathers.

Wake Up Mr. Biswas, Your Sons Are Talking
A completing story of the incomplete relationships
between four sons and their father,
after his death, over scotch
written by Sourabh Chatterjee
directed by Anuvab Pal
featuring Sourabh Chatterjee*, Sanjiv Jhaveri*, David Sajadi* and Debargo Sanyal

A surreal meeting between a father and a daughter,
with fishing hooks and ice cream,
somewhere between here and heaven
written and directed by Sourabh Chatterjee
featuring Edward Hajj* and Gita Reddy

Out of Fashion
A colonial tale of the accidental altercations
of suit-makers, monarchs, patriots and fathers
written by Anuvab Pal
directed by Sourabh Chatterjee
featuring Andy Brown, Sanjiv Jhaveri*, Boris Kievski and David Sajadi*

*Actors appear courtesy of AEA

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: November 29, 2001 Final Performance: December 15, 2001