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A lecherous judge and all male jury, a gold digging plaintiff, a self professed cad of a defendant, and a sleazy lawyer turn the courtroom proceedings upside down with self serving arguments and musical merriment. This 45 minute farce is the perfect remedy for the boredom induced by long, drawn-out trials recently televised on TV. The beautiful Angelina is suing dashing Edwin for “breech of promise of marriage”. The courtroom buzzes with anticipation as Edwin enters and introduces himself as a lover of variety, especially in women. The Jurymen admit similar instincts, but condemn his lack of fidelity and the Judge admits he obtained his appointment to the position by pretending to fall in love with, then ditching, a rich attorney’s “elderly, ugly daughter”. Angelina’s lawyer paints a melodramatic picture of his client’s mental anguish, so Edwin proposes to marry her on the spot while marrying someone else the next day. When the idiotic lawyer points out that this amounts to “burglary”, (it should be bigamy), the courtroom breaks into a great operatic parody to express the “nice dilemma”. All is resolved to everyone’s satisfaction when the wealthy Judge agrees to marry Angelina himself and pays off Edwin for his trouble.

NYGASP à la Carte is a new revue developed by the company to showcase its many talented artists and the incredible range of work by the incomparable team of Gilbert & Sullivan. From their most popular tongue-twisting “patter songs” to their dramatic double choruses and their pyrotechnics

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Dates: One Night Only: January 12, 2006