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Only a fool – or perhaps a genius – would adapt one of the greatest American novels for the stage. Orson Welles was a bit of both. Theater enthusiasts will love what Orson Welles has created out of that most famous tale, Moby Dick. Those who enjoy having their literature served up in delightful dramatic adaptations will find much to enjoy in this hybrid of Herman Melville’s story adapted to draw a parallel between King Lear and Captain Ahab. A troupe of actors abandon their rehearsal of a play about one unforgiving, vengeance obsessed man, King Lear, to recreate another of the same emotional stripe, Captain Ahab. Set in an empty theater, a tyrannical actor-manager leads his crew and transports audiences to Captain Ahab’s fateful voyage across the open seas aboard the Pequod in search of the great white whale, Moby Dick.


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Dates: Opening Night: May 6, 2008 Final Performance: May 17, 2008