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Johanna Stahley started singing early in a family of musicians. She added the guitar to her repertoire at 18 to help mold developing lyrics and melodies into definite form. “I use instruments to get the songs out of my head,” says Stahley, who since added bass and piano, “but, my true love is performing.” Stahley’s songs “I Can” and “Nothing I Would Change” can be heard in the opening scenes of MTV’s The Real World: Australia and ABC’s Men In Trees, among a slew of other television placements from her current LP, I’m Not Perfect. In 2006, following the release of I’m Not Perfect, The Village Voice endorsed Johanna’s live show with an “editor’s pick” saying, “‘I’m Not Perfect’ is a better and bouncier Sheryl Crow album than Sheryl’s managed in a while.” The next day Johanna was chosen as a "MySpace Featured Artist", which led to a co-publishing deal with Cherry Lane Music. Stahley’s publishing deal is only one facet of her young, but fruitful career. “I want to create success through publishing as a writer and producer, but more importantly connect with people through live performances of my songs.” She is doing just that, playing gigs from New York to Chicago, all the way to Tennessee, bringing high energy and distinct cheekiness to every stage.

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Dates: One Night Only: April 4, 2008

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