Shane Mauss – Tuesday April 4th

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Comedy + Science + Psychedelics = A Better Trip LIVE w/ Shane Mauss featuring special guest Myq Kaplan
Be one of the select few audiences to get a sneak peek at a new Vegas show!
In 2016, science podcaster, mental health advocate, and award-winning stand-up comedian Shane Mauss (Conan, Kimmel, Comedy Central, Amazon Prime, Showtime) partnered with MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies) and embarked on an epic, sold-out 111-city psychedelic comedy tour ‘A Good Trip.’ Along the way, a film crew followed him, making the documentary ‘Psychonautics: A Comic’s Exploration of Psychedelics’.
That tour was the inspiration for the animated series Comedy Central’s ‘Tale From the Trip’ where Shane is the most regular and most viewed storyteller.
Now Shane brings his latest work ‘A Better Trip’ to AREA15 in Las Vegas for a residency starting April 23.
In preparation, Shane is doing 10 pop-up one-night-only warm-up shows announced as a last-minute surprise and Manchester is one of the 10 cities!!
As a bonus surprise, select cities will feature special guest opener Myq Kaplan – one of Shane’s oldest comedy friends and trip buddies. And, you guessed it, Manchester is also one of those cities! 
You may know Myq from his numerous TV appearances (Conan, Letterman, Comedy Central …), or his one hour Amazon standup special “Small, Dork, and Handsome” or his two podcasts The Faucet and Broccoli & Ice Cream.
FAQ’s About The Show …
Q: Is prior experience with psychedelics necessary to enjoy the show?   
A: No experience necessary! You don’t need to try psychedelics to enjoy the music and art that’s inspired by them. 
Q: Will you be on drugs while performing?   
A: No. Who does psychedelics and then goes to work? What a waste of good drugs.   
Q: Are you going to pass out psychedelics to everybody? 
A: Umm NO. Obviously. But if you come and support this kind of message, meet like-minded people at the show, and help keep the conversation going; maybe one day these outrageous drug laws will change

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Dates: One Night Only: April 4, 2023