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Larry Wilmore and Others Welcome Helder Guimarães to the Stage in Verso

The magic show runs at New World Stages.

World-renowned close-up magician Helder Guimarães celebrated the opening night of his new solo show Verso at New World Stages on September 28.

Written by Guimarães, the production features creative direction by Catarina Marques, lighting design by Pedro Vieira de Carvalho, music by Pedro Marques, creative consulting by Kelly Devine, and direction by Rodrigo Santos.

Verso is described as follows: "Intimate and enigmatic, witty and unorthodox, Verso is Helder’s most daunting journey into the impossible yet. Bear witness as he pushes the very limits of magic, and challenges just how much you’re willing to accept what your eyes assume to be true."

For tickets and more information, click here.

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Closed: November 27, 2016


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