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Second Stage Uptown Extend's Somebody's Daughter

May Adrales directs the new play by Chisa Hutchinson.

Collin Kelly-Sordelet joins the world-premiere cast of Somebody's Daughter at Second Stage Uptown.
Collin Kelly-Sordelet joins the world premiere cast of Somebody's Daughter at Second Stage Uptown.
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Second Stage Theatre Uptown has extended Somebody's Daughter, a world premiere play written by Chisa Hutchinson and directed by May Adrales. The run will now end Sunday, June 25. Opening night is June 6 at the McGinn/Cazale Theatre.

The ensemble includes Vanessa Kai (The Architecture of Becoming), Collin Kelly-Sordelet (The Last Ship), Michelle Heera Kim, Rodney Richardson (Squash), David Shih (The Path), and Jeena Yi (Vietgone).

Somebody's Daughter is described as follows in a press release: "Alex is a 15-year-old Asian-American girl going to extremes to get her own mother to notice her. She’s a dream child — except to her parents, who wish she was a boy. Luckily she finds a sympathetic ear in Kate, her irreverent guidance counselor who knows all too well what it’s like to walk in Alex’s shoes. As three generations of women find their identity in question, each needs to decide who makes the rules and what happens when you break them."

The play is commissioned by Second Stage as part of the Time Warner Commissioning Program.

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