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Tom Mullen Re-Imagines Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting for U.S. Premiere

Trainspotting USA promotional logo
Trainspotting USA promotional logo

Irvine Welsh’s classic gets an American revision by director Tom Mullen entitled Trainspotting USA. The production will run October 18 to November 25 at Theater Wit in Chicago.

This “re-adaptation” of Welsh’s graphic and uncompromising story of young heroin addicts living in Edinburgh, Scotland has been re-thought and set in Kansas City, Missouri.

The cast features Thad Anzur (Frankie Begbie), Jay Cullen (Tommy Lawrence), Shane Kenyon (Mark Renton), Cameron Johnson (Danny ‘Spud’ Murphy), Rian Jairell (Simon ‘Sick Boy’ Williamson), and Jenny Lamb (Allison and others).

Trainspotting USA is produced by Jeffrey Brunstein, Laura St. James, Tom Mullen, and Tom Chiola.

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