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The Broadway Connection to Jeopardy!'s Alex Trebek Tribute Video

If you thought the song sounded familiar, you were probably right.

Jeopardy! officially bid farewell to its beloved host Alex Trebek this past Friday, January 8, airing the last episode he taped prior to his November 2020 passing from pancreatic cancer. The episode was just like any other, but with a 90-second tribute video at the very end that looked back on some of Trebek's best moments.

As a song for the montage, the Jeopardy! producers perhaps drew inspiration from one of the show's semi-regular categories: Broadway. The Trebek tribute is set to Peter Allen and Dean Pitchford's "Once Before I Go," as sung by Hugh Jackman on the 2003 original Broadway cast recording of The Boy From Oz. Watch the sentimental send-off below: