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The Blue Men on James Bond: Skyfall

The Blue Man Group falls from the sky (literally) in this must-watch James Bond video homage.

Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, and Javier Bardem’s scary-as-hell retainer (epic super-villain touch) blew the roof off the Hollywood box office this past weekend in director Sam Mendes’ Skyfall, putting James Bond back on the map as the second biggest flick of the post-Thanksgiving rush. The film also became the first in the James Bond franchise to top $200 million domestically.

Not to be outdone, The Blue Man Group conceptualized, staged, and filmed their own variation on the famed James Bond theme — complete with Red-Bull-sponsored parachutes, paint-can drums that are also maybe chimneys, and Blue-Man-trippy editing (done by Chris Bowen, one of the Blue Men, himself).

There is something psychedelically entertaining about Blue Men falling from the sky. We’d suggest a Blue-Man-on-Bond feature-length film (maybe License to Kill, for the skydiving-while-lassoing-drug-smugglers scene), so long as we can watch it in Colorado.

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