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The Amoralists’ The Cheaters Club Celebrates Its Opening Night Off-Broadway

See pictures of the cast and some of their favorite opening-night audience members.

The cast members of <i>The Cheaters Club</i> enjoy their curtain call.
The cast members of The Cheaters Club enjoy their curtain call.
(© Russ Rowland)

Edgy downtown theater group The Amoralists celebrated the opening of its most recent production, The Cheaters Club, last night. Guests included playwright Derek Ahonen, Anthony Haden-Guest, Lorraine Leckie, William Leroy, and Michael Cerveris.

The Cheaters Club, a murder mystery set in Savannah, Georgia, follows three siblings who, as members of The Cheaters Club, go on annual trips with the goal of “exorcising their sexual demons.” On this year’s trip, they find themselves at the haunted Chaney Inn, run by a mysterious family and their voodoo-doing housemaid.

The cast includes Byron Anthony, Wade Dunham, Edgar Eguia, James Kautz, David Lanson, Sarah Lemp, Judy Merrick, David Nash, Cassandra Paras, Matthew Pilieci, James Rees, Dan Stern, Kelley Swindall, Anna Stromberg, Jordan Tisdale, and Vanessa Vaché. Additional cast members include Charlie Chase, Janette Johnson, Mackenzie Knapp, Zen Mansley, Serena Miller, Kat Murphy, Penny O’Brien, Nikki Pope, Ben Reno, and Haley Sullivan.

Michael Cerveris celebrates the opening of <i>The Cheaters Club</i> with playwright Derek Ahonen.
Michael Cerveris celebrates the opening of The Cheaters Club with playwright Derek Ahonen.
(© Russ Rowland)

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