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New York Musical Festival Announces Lineups for Concert Events

Ariana DeBose, Lesli Margherita, and many more will perform music by Shaina Taub, Helen Park, and many others at these events.

Leslie Margherita will perform at an Intersecting Chords concert as part of the New York Musical Festival.
Lesli Margherita will perform at an Intersecting Chords concert as part of the New York Musical Festival.
(© Monica Simoes)

The New York Musical Festival has announced the performer and composer lineup for two of its concert events, Intersecting Chords and How the Light Gets In.

Intersecting Chords is devoted to celebrating the work of female-identified, queer, and trans artists in musical theater. There will be two concerts, at 6:30pm and 9:30pm, both taking place at the Green Room 42. Both shows will be directed by Shelley Butler, with music direction by Kristen L. Rosenfeld.

At 6:30pm: Marinda Anderson, Stasi Berezovskaya, Starr Busby, Marisa Clementi-Thomas, Tsebiyah Mishael Derry, Anna Ebbeson, Alaina Ferris, Danyel Fulton, Felipe Joglar, Emily Kaczmarek, Lacy Rose, Amanda Savan, Jessie Shelton, Shayna Small, Natalie Walker, Andreas Wyder, Esco Jouley, Allison Linker, Jon Viktor Corpuz, Melissa Li, Bre Jackson, Janelle McDermoth, Janet Noh, Troy Anthony Burton, Jesse Carrey-Beaver, Makayla Benedict, and Chance Byrd will perform songs by Preston Allen, Britt Bonney, Kirsten Childs, Heather Christian, Carmel Dean, Anna K. Jacobs, Sukari Jones & Troy Anthony, Melissa Li & Kit Yan, Janet Noh, Jeanna Philips, Zoe Sarnak, Rona Siddiqui, and Ellen Winter.

At 9:30pm: Julie Abueva, Simone Allen, Izzy Castaldi, Ariana DeBose, Emily Gardner Xu Hall, Laurel Harris, Lauren Marcus, Hana Slevin, Lesli Margherita, Samantha Massell, Helen Park, Sarah Beth Pfeifer, Ed Rosini, Jason Weisinger, Jordan Tyson, Sylver Wallace, Victoria Rigby, Lauren Pritchard, Kuhoo Verma, Sarah Bockel, and Ashley Perez Flanagan will perform songs by Simone Allen, Abigail Nessen & Shaun Bengson (the Bengsons), Ty Defoe & Tidtaya Sinutoke, Kate Douglas, Emily Gardner Xu Hall, Jenny Giering, Amanda Green, Jacob Jarrett, Dana Levinson, Lauren Marcus, Marisa Michaelson, Helen Park, Lauren Pritchard, and Shaina Taub. Ensemble singers for both concerts will include Mark Andrew Garner, Jordan Pesci-Smith, Esco Jouley, Andreas Wyder, and Madison Moran.

How the Light Gets In is a concert presentation of micro-musicals — 30 minutes or less — inspired by relevant textual and visual prompts. This year's visual prompt is Amy Sherald's portrait of Michelle Obama, and the textual prompt is from Henry Clay: "The Constitution of the United States was made not merely for the generation that then existed, but for posterity — unlimited, undefined, endless, perpetual posterity." It will take place on Monday, July 30, at the Green Room 42.

The lineup of micro-musicals will include Aya Aziz's 25 Years, featuring Aziz and Shawn Randall; Maggie-Kate Coleman and Erato A. Kremmyda's We Will Not Be Silent/Sophie Scholl Project, featuring Angel Lin, Marielle Issa, Jesse Carrey-Beaver, and Gilbert Bailey; and 24 Hour Punk, created and performed by Diana Oh with Matt Park.

The New York Musical Festival will run through August 5.