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Hear Exclusive Song From This Beautiful City

Ghostlight releases three new Michael Friedman albums, the first in a series of planned releases comprising the late composer’s work.

Ghostlight Records and the Civilians have teamed up to release world premiere recordings of nine musicals written by the late composer-lyricist Michael Friedman.

The first three albums comprising The Michael Friedman Collection will be available for streaming and download on Friday, October 18. They are the musicals The Great Immensity, The Abominables, and This Beautiful City, productions featuring Friedman scores and book/direction by Civilians leader Steve Cosson.

Listen to the exclusive track "Demons" from This Beautiful City below.

Cowritten with Jim Lewis from interviews conducted by original stars Emily Ackerman, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Brad Heberlee, and Stephen Plunkett, This Beautiful City explores the Evangelical movement in Colorado Springs. The album features the original cast, as well as Conor Ryan, and Alison Weller and an ensemble of Ally Bonino, Ben Moss, Sabina Petra, and Stephen Schapero.

The Great Immensity features Cindy Cheung, John Ellison Conlee, Dan Domingues, Trey Lyford, Erin Wilhelmi, and an ensemble of Ally Bonino, Erica Dorfler, and Billy Hepfinger. Heard on the recording of The Abominables are John Behlmann, Audrey Bennett, Gerard Canonico, Daniel Jenkins, Mia Jenness, Alyse Alan Louis, Zell Murrow, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Brian Charles Rooney, and Johnny Shea and an ensemble of Randy Blair, Jiho Kang, Sabina Petra, Sarah Beth Pfeifer, Curtis Reynolds, Sharone Sayegh, and Stephen Schapero.

All three albums are produced by Steve Cosson and Kurt Deutsch. The Great Immensity is co-produced by
Ian Kagey, Wiley DeWeese, Andrea Grody, Amy C. Ashton, and Greg Brunswick. Andrea Grody serves
as Music Director. The Abominables is co-produced by Ian Kagey, Wiley DeWeese, Amy C. Ashton, and
Greg Brunswick. Wiley DeWeese serves as Music Director. This Beautiful City is co-produced by Ian Kagey,
Wiley DeWeese, Dan Lipton, Amy C. Ashton, and Greg Brunswick. Dan Lipton serves as Music Director.