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Flashback Friday: Meat Loaf Sings Rocky Horror's Greatest Bop

Go see ”Bat Out Of Hell” at New York City Center if you need more Meat Loaf in your life.

Meat Loaf's greatest hits (which are really Jim Steinman's greatest hits) are now onstage at New York City Center in Bat Out Of Hell — The Musical, a guitar-smashing rock-and-roll musical running through September 8. The Meat Loaf fever in Manhattan is palpable, and it's gotten us thinking about our other favorite confluence of Broadway and Meat Loaf: The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Mr. Loaf made an unforgettable cameo in the 1975 film as Eddie — the delivery boy, brain donor, and motorcycle enthusiast who escapes from a deep freeze to sing a song called "Hot Patootie." He dies shortly thereafter, but his legacy remains in this undeniable earworm.

Happy Friday, everyone!