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Flashback Friday: Crosby and Astaire Celebrate Valentine's Day in Holiday Inn

The new Irving Berlin musical made its Broadway debut at Studio 54.

The new musical adaptation of Holiday Inn celebrated its Broadway opening last night at Roundabout's Studio 54, where Irving Berlin's iconic songbook is on display eight performances a week. The show, starring Corbin Bleu, Tony nominee Bryce Pinkham, and Lora Lee Gayer, is based on the classic 1942 film, featuring the vocal stylings of Bing Crosby and the fancy footwork of Fred Astaire (along with leading lady Marjorie Reynolds).

In both the stage and screen versions of the story, the main trio sing and dance their way through every major holiday from Christmas to the Fourth of July. We're flashing back to Valentine's Day in the film clip below, where Crosby gets one-upped by his partner in show biz while crooning the ballad "Be Careful, It's My Heart." And if you think that's tragic, just imagine what it looks like live and in color.

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