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First Listen: Melissa Errico Sings "With Every Breath I Take" on New Film Noir Album

”Out of the Dark: The Film Noir Project” drops tomorrow.

While you spent your early pandemic watching Tiger King, actor and singer Melissa Errico reacquainted herself with film noir, the dark genre of cinema about tough detectives and mysterious dames, exemplified in movies like Double Indemnity and Laura (both made in 1944).

This cinematic trip down memory lane provided the inspiration for her latest album, Out of the Dark: The Film Noir Project, which drops today. Featuring songs by Dietz & Schwartz as well as Arlen & Gershwin. Below you can hear Errico sing "With Every Breath I Take" from City of Angels, Cy Coleman and David Zippel's 1989 musical homage to noir.

Click here to learn more about Out of the Dark: The Film Noir Project and to order the album.