Ensemble for the Romantic Century to Hold 2017-18 Season in Manhattan

The company will perform three plays at Pershing Square Signature Center.

Donald T. Sanders (left) will be directing all three of Eve Wolf's (right) plays in the Ensemble for the Romantic Century's 2017-18 season.
Donald T. Sanders will be directing all three of Eve Wolf's plays in the Ensemble for the Romantic Century's 2017-18 season.
(photo provided by Ensemble for the Romantic Century)

The Ensemble for the Romantic Century (ERC) has announced its 17th season and the location of its new home base for 2017-18: Pershing Square Signature Center in Manhattan.

The season will begin with Van Gogh's Ear from August 10-September 10, with opening night on August 17. It is described as follows: "The vibrancy of Van Gogh’s paintings is only half his story. He frantically worked on several paintings at a time, experimenting with color and form. Time became his enemy as violent fits of madness and terrifying hallucinations consumed his being. Wrestling a fractured psyche with his determination to paint the beautiful, fragile world he saw, Van Gogh revealed his struggle to his brother Theo. ERC’s Van Gogh’s Ear brings the tormented creativity of Van Gogh to life."

Next will be Mary Shelley's Frankenstein from December 21-January 7, with opening night on December 27. In this play, "The joys and perils of motherhood, the hovering shadow of infant mortality, and the sting of loneliness and rejection merge as Mary Shelley creates her masterwork, Frankenstein. The Creature that Dr. Frankenstein produces, an assemblage of disparate elements, coalesces into a monster with a human soul. His horrific appearance conceals the gentlest heart. Through no fault of his own, he is forced to descend into evil deeds. Excerpts from the 1818 edition of Frankenstein, music, and dance interwoven with Mary Shelley’s letters and diaries create parallel narratives as both dramas unfold."

Finally, Tchaikovsky: None but the Lonely Heart will run from May 17-June 17, with opening night on May 24. It is described as follows: "In a strange relationship that lasted 14 years and that was conducted exclusively through letters, Tchaikovsky and his patroness Nadezhda von Meck were united through the invincible power of a disembodied love in which they both found refuge. Plagued with doubts about the greatness of his music, tormented by the fear of discovery of his homosexuality, and trapped in a marriage to a woman who was eventually committed to an insane asylum, Tchaikovsky found in von Meck an 'invisible angel.' ERC honors their unique relationship in a theatrical production featuring Tchaikovsky's Piano Trio in A minor and some of his most moving songs."

All three plays are written by ERC's executive artistic director, Eve Wolf. Donald T. Sanders will direct all three productions. Casting and creative teams will be announced later.

Founded by Wolf in 2001, the ERC conceives theatrical concerts that interweave letters, memoirs, diaries, poems, and other literature with chamber and vocal music, reinforcing the music’s historical context through its connections with history, politics, philosophy, psychology, and the other arts to create a new performance experience.

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