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Camp, McDaniel, Stout, Strauss, et al. Set for Summer Play Festival

James McDaniel
(© Joseph Marzullo/Retna)
James McDaniel
(© Joseph Marzullo/Retna)

Vanessa Aspillaga, Bill Buell, Anna Camp, Mia Dillon, James McDaniel, Mary Stout, and Peter Strauss are among the actors who will appear in the 2007 Summer Play Festival, which will run at Theatre Row, July 10 -August 5.

A complete listing of the 16 plays follows, with cast and directors:

Alice in War, by Steven Bogart, follows young Alice, Bianca, and Rabbit who discover a war zone, bizarre generals, creepy creatures, and other mysterious surprises on the other side of their basement wall.
Director: Alice Reagan. Cast : Megan Byrne, Lisa Joyce, Jodi Lin, Karl Miller, Jonah Mitropolous, Glenn Peters, Luis Vega, Stephanie Weeks

Blueprint, by Bixby Elliot, questions professional and personal interests after an architecture professor develops a complicated relationship with his ambitious student that may or may not cross the line.
Director: Jonathan Silverstein. Cast: Nicole Lowrance, Patrick McNulty, Peter Strauss, Amirah Vann

Cipher, by Cory Hinkle, is about two clerks who monitor the thoughts of terrorists and what happens when they ask questions surrounding a troubled teenage boy.
Director: Kip Fagan. Cast: Alyssa Bresnahan, Adam Driver, Haskell King, Mandy Siegfried

Devil Land, by Desi Moreno-Penson, is a dark fairy tale for the contemporary world about a childless couple who kidnap a young girl to build their own family, and what happens when the girl’s imaginary friend comes to life to help her.
Director: Jose Zayas. Cast: Bryant Mason, Vanessa Aspillaga, Jenny Seastone Stern

Flesh and the Desert, by Carson Kreitzer, is a kaleidoscopic biography of the living and breathing Las Vegas, complete with Elvis, Liberace, Siegfried and Roy, Bugsy Siegel and showgirls.
Director: Beth Milles. Cast: Sarah Chalmers, Abigail Gampel, Stan Lachow, Alex Podulke, Anna Camp, Lynne Cohen, Jim Iorio, Jeff Still

The Gabriels, by Van Badham, is a dark comedy about an unconventional family reunion involving two sets of partners and their children over Easter weekend.
Director: Rebecca Patterson. Cast: Danton Stone, Anthony Newfield, Phyllis Johnson, Helen Coxe, Keith Eric Chappelle, Christen Simon, Karen Berthel

Half of Plenty, by Lisa Dillman, shows what happens when a suspiciously-named family moves across the street and two neighbors take matters into their own hands.
Director: Meredith McDonough. Cast: Bill Buell, Ian Brennan, Elizabeth Canavan, Alexis McGuinness, Sidney Williams

Lower Ninth, by Beau Willimon, focuses on two men stranded on the roof of their house after a horrific storm, who battle heat, hunger, thirst, and each other while keeping their strength and faith.
Director: Daniel Goldstein. Cast: James McDaniel, Amari Cheatom, Jamie Hector

Minor Gods, by Charles Forbes, is about Henry, a geneticist who hires a male prostitute the night before he plans to reveal a world-changing scientific breakthrough.
Director: Gaye Taylo Upchurch. Cast: Barnaby Carpenter, Chad Lindsey

Missing Celia Rose, by Ian August, focuses on a town that harmoniously integrates its white townspeople with its black slaves after the Civil War, and faces a troubling future when a young white boy uncovers the truth surrounding the disappearance of the beloved black Minister’s wife.
Director: Adam Immerwahr. Cast: Andy Phelan, Cheryl Freeman, Kendall Ridgeway, Nancy McDoniel, Charles Borland, Tinashe Kajese, Ron Simons, Willi Burke, Sharon Hope

My Wandering Boy, by Julie Marie Myatt, is a journey across the vast landscape of America and concerns a private detective hired to find a lost boy who discovers a trail filled with those who fiercely protect his secrets.
Director: John Gould Rubin. Cast: Thomas Jefferson Byrd, Amelia Campbell, J. Chambers, Mia Dillon, Salome M. Krell, Christopher McCann, Brian Smiar

The Nightshade Family, by Ruth McKee, is about Hannah and her estranged brother who appears one day and refuses to leave, unraveling what sanity if left in her life.
Director: Shelley Butler. Cast: Julie Jesneck, Creighton James, Laura Heisler, Rodney Hicks

Not Waving, by Ellen Melaver, is about the lines drawn and crossed by three couples at the beach over the course of one day; leaving them to decide if they can rely on the one they love the most.
Director: Douglas Mercer. Cast: Mary Stout, Jacob Fishel, Kevin O’Donnell, Aya Cash, Brandon Espinoza

Novel, by Anna Ziegler, is about a widowed writer at a conference who discovers a group of unusual world-record holders, and what happens when their presence sparks his imagination.
Director: Michael Goldfried. Cast: Annie McNamara, Jeff Biehl, Chris Henry Coffey, Natalia Payne, Randall Newsome, Keith Perry, Rebecca Schull, Jay Russell, Dan McCabe

Unfold Me, by Joy Tomasko, concerns a love triangle involving a woman diagnosed with an illness, her boyfriend, and death.
Director: Linsay Firman. Cast: Alfredo Narciso, Natalie Gold, Heidi Schreck, Denis Butkus

Vrooommm! A NASComedy, by Janet Allard, is about Holly “Leggs” Nelson, the first woman in NASCAR, “Hotshot,” the rookie with the hots for her, and the fast-paced life on the car-racing circuit.
Director: David Lee. Cast: Sarah Agnew, Devon Berkshire, Meg Brogan, Laura Jordan, Greer Goodman, Denise Lute

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