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Brian Cox Named Co-Artistic Director of Mirror Theater Ltd. and Greensboro Arts Alliance

Cox is an Emmy and Olivier Award winner.

Brian Cox will direct Joshua Sobel's Sinners in Vermont this summer.
Brian Cox will direct Joshua Sobel’s Sinners in Vermont this summer.
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Emmy and Olivier Award winner Brian Cox has been appointed co-Artistic Director of New York's Mirror Theater, Ltd. and its Greensboro Arts Alliance and Residency. Cox joins Charles McAteer as co-Artistic Director at the invitation of Sabra Jones, the organization's producing artistic director.

"Having witnessed the work over the last two years of the Mirror Theatre and GAAR, there is something unique going in Greensboro," Cox said in a statement. "It reminded me of the theatrical values that were oh so present when I started in the theatre and has been somewhat absence in mainstream theatre. The Fundament of Theatre is a plank and a passion. The Mirror and GAAR has that in abundance particularly in its link between community and the professional theatre company. The enthusiasm with certain aspects of the community is overwhelming. And I am honored and proud to be asked on board as a co-artistic director of such an exciting artistic project."

Cox is presently playing Winston Churchill in the BBC film Churchill. His Broadway credits include That Championship Season as well as Rock 'n' Roll, Art, and Strange Interlude. He will direct the English-language premiere of Joshua Sobel’s Sinners July 30-August 14.

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