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15 Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions

From doing their taxes to swearing less to sleeping more, the stars share their goals for 2011!

Laura Benanti
(© Tristan Fuge)
Laura Benanti
(© Tristan Fuge)

Eat less, exercise more, swear less, sleep more. If these are among your New Year’s resolutions, you’re not alone. TheaterMania checked in with 15 beloved stars to find out what they planned to do differently in 2011!

Nick Adams
Normally I don’t make resolutions, but for 2011, I have: I’m going to do my taxes on time.

Laura Benanti
My resolution is to guide my thinking toward positive thoughts. My motto will be: Minimize negative thinking, Optimize positive thought!

Jim Brochu
My New Year’s resolution, which I promise I’m going to keep, is to walk more and talk less!

Danny Burstein
Not to throw lasagna!

Charles Busch
I am going to adopt a shelter dog, so that I’ll be forced out of my foolish self-absorption — fascinating though I am.

Jim Dale
My resolutions for the new year include taking more “extreme” holidays, destroying my PC and swapping over to an old fashioned notebook and pencil or a non-crashable Apple, creating a Learn to Say No to Any More Benefit Work on Monday, My One Day of the Week Off’ notice for my date book (if that fails, I firmly resolve to delete Mondays from my 2011 calendar), and get myself and the car lost in middle America to try out my new GPS system!

Andre De Shields
(© Tristan Fuge)
Andre De Shields
(© Tristan Fuge)

Andre De Shields
I am resolving to cultivate a friendship with the New Moon in Scorpio, which means allowing the dark feminine forces of intuition to expand and liberate my solitary monk consciousness.

Tovah Feldshuh
My resolution for 2011 is to continue to live in gratitude that my mother, Lillian Kaplan Feldshuh, is alive and well and turning 100 in three months. I believe gratitude is the quickest path to happiness.

Montego Glover
I just bought a home, so I’ve decided to tick off every fun upgrade project for it. When I finish being Miss Homemaker, I’m planning to take another awesome, restful vacation.

Jan Maxwell
For the New Year, I have resolved to cut down on swearing (like that’ll fxxking work!).

Donna Murphy

I am firmly resolving to go to bed earlier!

Hugh Panaro
As for resolutions, it’s tricky, but mine will probably involve eating better and doing a lot more exercise!

Lea Salonga
My resolution is to have a fabulous 40th birthday this February 22 and to keep working. How great it would be to return to Broadway!

Marian Seldes
I’m resolving to keep going, no matter what. Is there another choice? We can’t give up, can we?

Randy Skinner
My New Year’s resolution is a simple one, but very hard for me to do: to stay on top of my mail and not let it pile up! I swear, sometimes my den looks like the U.S. Post Office has moved in!