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The West Wing's Aaron Sorkin Demands Release of Alexandra Silber's "West Wing Song" from Richard Schiff

Richard Schiff's Twitter war with Alexandra Silber just got real. logo

Aaron Sorkin Tweeted this photo as a way of identifying himself as he demanded the release of Alexandra Silber's "The West Wing Song," from its captor, Richard Schiff.
(Photo via @AaronSorkin)
Aaron Sorkin, the Emmy-winning creator of The West Wing, has joined Twitter to demand the release of stage songbird Alexandra Silber's "The West Wing Song" from its captor, Glengarry Glen Ross star Richard Schiff.

As first reported by TheaterMania, Schiff, best known as Toby Ziegler on the long-running West Wing, took a video of the song hostage after Silber sang it for him following a Glengarry Glen Ross performance. He has refused to release the video until there is enough demand on Twitter.

On October 26, Sorkin, a self-proclaimed internet hater (who, in an ironic twist, won an Oscar for his screenplay The Social Network) joined the microblogging platform and Tweeted at Schiff, "Other than 18 hrs/day for 7 years I've never asked for anything. I want the A. Silber cover."

Meanwhile, the song itself has been given its own Twitter account, @TheWestWingSong, which lists its location as "Tied up in a basement, NY." It currently has over 450 followers and constantly updates.

Despite Schiff's belief that "demand has [waned]," probably due to the hurricane which downed numerous cell towers and power lines last week, additional troops are steadily mobilizing. In a bid to get the song released, West End stage veteran (and Silber's dear friend) Emma Williams Tweeted this poem, written in iambic pentameter:

We will continue bringing you updates on the situation as they develop. TheaterMania continues to encourage Twitter users to inundate Schiff with demands for the song.