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From Neil Patrick Harris to Megan Mullally, Gobble Up the Long Weekend With This Broadway Picnic Basket of Leftovers

We cleaned out our kitchen and found a dented pie tin full of Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Tony Awards, ''The Bridges of Madison County'', and other delectable treats. logo

Sometimes the tastiest parts of an interview get left on the cutting-room floor. As you savor your leftovers from July 4, we're taking out our Tupperware full of cold cuts and serving you up a pile of our favorite interview leftovers.

Neil Patrick Harris
(© David Gordon)

Neil Patrick Harris, on the years of false stars for the Tony-winning Broadway revival of Hedwig and the Angry Inch:

They said "We can do it during your hiatus," so I could've done it a couple years back, but it literally would have been rehearsing during the season and going all the way until we start the show, and I needed a little rest. So I said "If you'll wait, I'll do it." And they said "No, we can't do that." And then they said "We will wait" and so here we are. It's a nice next step after the TV show.

Leslie Odom, Jr. and Lin-Manuel Miranda
(© David Gordon)

Leslie Odom Jr. and Lin-Manuel Miranda on the differences between Broadway and Community Theater:

Leslie Odom Jr: I went from Community Theater to Broadway. I'm seventeen years old and I'm in New York and it was rude awakening. It was a lot about the backstage stuff — the business of show. I had no idea.

Lin-Manuel Miranda: And you can't know until you're in it.

Leslie Odom Jr.: You can't know. And there was the heartbreak part of it for sure. Like, Ouch, so you mean the whole cast doesn't go to IHOP every day after the show?

Lena Hall
(© David Gordon)

Lena Hall, on wearing a prosthetic penis in Hedwig and the Angry Inch:

I really try to get into the mental space of how the man thinks…And also, I decided not to bind because it would make me so aware of my chest. So instead, I'm more conscious about this weird thing I have in my pants. But that helps because your mind just goes directly to where it should go. It's a really weird thing. I kind of figured out why men think about sex all the time. It's because it's constantly rubbing around in their pants, just like, when they walk around. It was like an ah-ha moment, and I was like Oh my god! That makes sense! I would too!

Megan Mullally
(© David Gordon)

Megan Mullally, on not playing a crazy person in off-Broadway's Annapurna:

In another sense, it's in some ways, the closest to myself I've played, just because I'm playing a naturalistic character. I'm not playing Karen Walker, or, you know, Tammy 2, or some crazy nut job. I'm playing a relatively normal woman. So that's a departure for me. Gosh, I feel like I've learned so much about…I hate to say this, but [near whisper] about acting. It's a humiliating sentence to have to utter.

Roger Rees
(© David Gordon)

Roger Rees, on why theater is special:

People know that theater is really way more special than movies or any form of technological art because it's human beings in a room telling each other stories. It's a very ancient feeling and it's very special. Film is only made once. You make a film and it's going to be that way for the rest of time. The play changes and moves and that's the exciting thing. That's why theater really is rather more important than any other art form I think. It happens right there in front of your eyes.

Broadway stars like to take iPhone photos as much as normal people do. But what happens when their photo-taking is caught by a professional photographer? Check it two examples below:

Danny Burstein takes a photo of the red carpet at the 2014 Tony Awards as his wife, Rebecca Luker, looks on.
(top photo © David Gordon; bottom photo © Danny Burstein)
James Monroe Iglehart takes a selfie at the top of the Empire State Building.
(left photo © David Gordon; right photo via @JamesMIglehart)

The cast of the beloved but short-lived Broadway musical The Bridges of Madison County celebrated the release of its cast album with a CD signing at Barnes and Noble on May 23. Stars Kelli O'Hara and Steven Pasquale took the stage to perform the romantic Jason Robert Brown song "Falling Into You." Check it out below.