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John Gielgud's Ages of Man Tony Award Up for Auction

Gielgud won his award in 1959.

The American Theatre Wing's Tony Award.
The American Theatre Wing's Tony Award.
(© photo courtesy of the Tony Awards)

The late, legendary John Gielgud’s 1959 Tony Award for his "Distinguished Contribution to Theatre" will be up for auction on April 27,

Gielgud was awarded the Tony for his solo show Ages of Man, featuring a collection of speeches from Shakespeare’s plays. The show was an adaptation of Oxford professor George Rylands’ 1939 anthology on the cycle of life. The Shakespearean drama premiered to the public at Freemason’s Hall at the 1957 Edinburgh Festival to critical acclaim and sold-out crowds. Gielgud performed the work for the next 10 years around the world. Nate D. Sanders Auctions serves as brokers.

Gielgud starred in over 300 stage productions, 60 films, and 65 television shows and movies. He won three Tony awards — in 1948, 1959, 1961 — a 1979 Grammy for Ages of Man and an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the 1981 comedy Arthur. He won a 1991 Emmy for starring in the miniseries Summer Lease.