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I Resolve!

Ann Hampton Callway, Greg Jbara, Jim Newman, Jason Graae, and others share their New Year's resolutions. logo


Ann Hampton Callaway
Ann Hampton Callaway

"My favorite quote is, 'We must get rid of the life we've planned in order to have the life that's waiting for us.' So I've decided not to have resolutions, just wishes. I guess my most important wish for this coming year is to become a clear channel for deeper creative contributions and love."


Amanda Green
(Upcoming in Put A Little Love In Your Mouth at Arci's Place)

"I resolved to quit smoking. Again. And I also resolved to go to the gym where my hubby got us memberships for Christmas. I want to go at least four times a week, so I don't balloon like a heffalump from said cigarette quitting."


Julie Halston
(The Vagina Monologues)

"You know how they tell you to write what you want on a piece of paper and put it in a drawer? I wrote down 'financial security' and put it in a drawer! You tell me how that's going to be achieved, okay? I'm an actress in New York City in The Vagina Monologues. Under a Republican administration. I just don't know. But I tucked that dream into a drawer, where it will now collect dust."


Greg Jbara in Victor/Victoria
Greg Jbara
(upcoming on Ally McBeal, That's Life, and Malcolm in the Middle)

"My 2001 goal is to be a worthy and loving father for my son Zachary, who will join the world on or about March 11."


Russell Scott Lewis
(Producer of the TWEED reading of Caged starring Lily Tomlin, February 19 at Town Hall; producer of Lypsinka! The Boxed Set; actor in End of the World Party)

"After producing Lypsinka, Dame Edna, and all the girls at TWEED, my resolution is to have some kind of professional relationship with every single drag performer on the planet before the year is out. Actually, the only ones left are Jim Bailey and Mona Foote."


Jim Newman
(Upcoming in Urban Cowboy)

"My resolution this year is the exact opposite of last year's. In 2000, it was 'more mystery, less history.' That means to stop telling everyone every single detail about myself the second we meet. But that resolution didn't work. I made it to February and, on a second date, I was explaining the whole 'raped by my bus driver' thing. Way too much information! Now, in 2001, my resolution is to leave myself alone."


Jason Graae
Jason Graae
(Opening the Palm Springs Film Festival with the Les Brown Orchestra)

"Here's a list of the resolutions I care to share publicly. The rest are way too personal and way too tedious:

1) come home to New York way more often;
2) save my money to buy the house I'm now renting in Los Angeles;
3) avoid Botox (this is the toughest)."


James Hindman
(Author, Pete 'n' Keely)

"My New Year's resolution is to write a show I can finally perform in. I wrote Pete 'n' Keely for myself...and I didn't get the job. My collaborators decided I wasn't right for the role! I thought perhaps I could be the understudy...Lord knows, I've done that enough times. But nope, I couldn't fit the costume. This year: The James Hindman Story. They'll probably insist on Jason Graae to be the lead."

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