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Emma Galvin, Eija Ranta, Katey Parker, Dan Vidor to Star in Swell logo
Eija Ranta
Emma Galvin, Eija Ranta, Katey Parker, and Dan Vidor will star in the world premiere of Swell, based on the graphic novel by Juliacks. As previously reported, Kathleen Amshoff will direct the work, which is being presented as part of Culture Project's Women Center Stage 2012 Festival. Performances will be at The Living Theatre, March 15-April 6.

In Swell, when Emmeline's sister unexpectedly dies, her family enters a tailspin of despair. The production will combine the novel's narrative with sound, video, architecture, and performance art, resulting in a spectacular, character-driven reflection of loss.

The creative team will include Taryn Humphrey and Damon Pelletier (set and prop design), Jared Mezzocchi (video design), Sam Kusnetz (sound design), and Jeanette Yew (lighting design).


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