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Ann Hampton Callaway, Jay Rogers, Jim J. Bullock, and others reveal their favorite CDs of the moment. logo


Ann Hampton Callaway
Ann Hampton Callaway
"In my CD changer, I have Sting's Brand New Day, Toni Braxton's new CD, The Best of Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, and a Siddha Yoga Mantra CD called Om Namah Shaivaya. That's my chanting CD that sends blessings to the house. It's wonderful! I play it all the time. I enjoy all kinds of weird stuff, from Beethoven to the Beatles. You name it, I play it."

Richard Jay-Alexander
"Right now, I'm listening to Renée Fleming's new CD. This opera diva is so gorgeous and has such a magnificent instrument. It just sends me! I listen to lots of Puccini, too. Surprised???"

Jonathan Smith
(Musical Director, Swing!)
"I've been listening to Phillip Glass' Symphony #5. It's a spiritual exploration, broadly based on religious texts, so it's all encompassing and very holistic."

Trella Hart
(Jazz Singer, currently in Hot Cole at the Trinity River Arts Center in Dallas)
"To tell the truth, I was just listening to Vanessa Williams' Christmas CD from a few years ago; I'm planning a little holiday open house and was deciding which music to play. Of all those pop chicks, I really kind of like her best. Her arrangements are wonderful. I've also been listening to Rosemary Clooney's Demi-Centennial; there's a song called 'Heart's Desire' on it that I'm trying to learn."

Jay Rogers in The Head
Jay Rogers
(The Head, Chelsea Playhouse)
"I was just listening to Audrey Morris, the wonderful pianist-singer from Chicago. I find her to be a great interpreter of songs. She was just singing 'Come By Sunday and Spend Some Time With Me!' She also sings the saddest 'When October Goes' you've ever heard. I was sitting here by myself, just weeping. I'm ready to slit my wrists! Not really, though."

Jim J. Bullock
(End of the World Party)
"I've been listening to K.T. Oslin a lot lately. I love her! She reminds me of my cousin, Kelly. I love her voice, her strength, and the fact that she's an incredible survivor. She's been through it, honey!"

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