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Anne Heche To Star in Broadway Production of Proof logo

Anne Heche
Ever since the lesbian thing fizzled, Anne Heche has been getting into the spotlight by way of her supposed mental instability. Following her much-publicized wanderings through the desert looking for a spaceship and the publication of her autobiography, Call Me Crazy, the film actress has signed on to take over the central role in the Broadway production of David Auburn's Proof. Heche will begin performances on Tuesday, July 2, when current lead Jennifer Jason Leigh leaves the show.

Auburn's Pulitzer Prize-winning play is about a troubled young woman named Catherine who may or may not have written a groundbreaking mathematical proof, and who worries that she might perhaps have inherited her late father's insanity. Proof opened on Broadway at the Walter Kerr Theatre on October 24, 2000 with Mary-Louise Parker in the role.

Heche's next film, to be released early 2003, is Prozac Nation.

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