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Gilles Marini Is Psyched for Summer

The French-born star previews the new circus-themed show, Beyond… and discusses his upcoming projects.

Gilles Marini
(© Iris Wiener)
Gilles Marini
(© Iris Wiener)

French-born actor Gilles Marini has made quite the impression on audiences around the world in the past few years, thanks to his ultra-steamy sex scene with Kim Cattrall in the movie version of Sex and the City, his appearance last year on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and his role as Luc Laurent on ABC’s hit series Brothers & Sisters.

On July 2, he will host the gala opening night performance of the circus-themed show Beyond… at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood. TheaterMania caught up with Marini for a brief chat during a recent trip to Manhattan with his daughter, Juliana, for Pampers’ Daddy Play Date Father’s Day, to discuss his plans for the summer.

THEATERMANIA: You’re hosting the gala celebration of Beyond… Why did you decide to be a part of the event?
GILLES MARINI: The show was created by a friend of mine, Aurelien Roulin. It’s this unreal dance and cabaret show, with things you don’t really see in America, on a beautiful, intimate scale. When I first saw it I was like, “Oh my god! We want to have that feel in America; we don’t have it much anymore!” There’s dancing from all around the world! And whoever is going to go once is going to go twice, three times, four times, six times.

THEATERMANIA: What are some of your favorite acts in the show?
GM: There are too many favorites — from ballroom to acrobatic — and I love whatever you call those beautiful sheets going down and roll over the place. And the costumes are all from Paris and really authentic. I’m just thrilled that I’m going to be seeing it again very soon.

Gilles Marini and Sally Fieldin Brothers & Sisters
(© ABC Television)
Gilles Marini and Sally Field
in Brothers & Sisters
(© ABC Television)

TM: What projects do you have lined up this summer?

GM: I’m working on an amazing film project I can’t really talk about yet, but I’m just very excited to be part of it. Then I’ll be back on the set of Brothers and Sisters soon — I am working as a regular next season. And I’ll be doing some music too.

TM: What will you remember most about this visit to Manhattan?
GM: It gave me a chance to be with my daughter for the first time ever in a different state without my wife. She’d never seen New York, and I’m happy that she discovered New York with the man who will always love her more than any other man. Discovering New York that way I think is magical. She doesn’t understand, because she is just 3 years old, but hopefully down the line she will remember that. And I think every father has to understand he has to be with his kids as much as possible, because you live only once, and they only have one childhood. That’s the truth.

TM: I’m sure Juliana watched you on Dancing with the Stars. Does she want to dance like you when she grows up?
GM: Yes, yes, yes. She told me on the car ride here that she saw a picture of two ballerinas and she said, “I want to be a ballerina with black shoes.” So you’re already seeing that rebel in her. She doesn’t want the pink shoes, she wants to have the black shoes. Hopefully, she will dance, because it brings so much passion to a person.