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10 Tweets That Prove SpongeBob SquarePants Has the Best Twitter

Broadway's SpongeBob has made quite a splash on the social media platform, and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

Nowadays, it's par for the course that incoming Broadway productions create social-media accounts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote their shows and engage with audiences. While many of these accounts blend together with similar content, every once in a jelly-fishing season, a show (and sometimes even a playwright) comes along and takes their theatrical experience to new heights on social media. SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical caught our eye with its wacky, witty, and wild Twitter account, which consistently makes us laugh when the going gets tough.

Clearly. And it shows in everything from its crotchety tap-dancing squid to a score with songs from Broadway rookies like T.I. and veterans such as Sara Bareilles, and even an anthropomorphized, hysterical Krabby Patty. We think Stefan approves.

The Broadway camaraderie is real. SpongeBob is not only friendly with its neighbors, but often engages in pun-filled threads with them. Clearly, SpongeBob is a fan of Mean Girls on Broadway.
@SpongeBobBway knows how to ask the tough questions. We are equally amused with this underwater family tree as we are with its puzzling use of all-caps.
Like all great polls, sometimes one option is the ONLY option.

"be careful who you call ugly in middle school"

You have to give credit to someone who respects the #glowup. Kudos to Patrick Star for rocking the fishnets and throwing some shade at Hedwig?

"Finance tips from Mr. Krabs: 1) find a penny 2) hoard it 3) repeat"

SpongeBob is even providing us with financial tips. How could we survive this economy without Mr. Krabs's sage advice? Suze Orman better watch out.

A tragic Sophie's choice. Why can't we keep them both?

"matched with a guy that suggested we go to the SpongeBob Musical little does he know I AM the musical"

A truly modern romance. Aren't you glad you swiped right?

"Is it bad that I'm reaAaAlLlLlLyyyyyYYYyyy craving fish tacos??? Like do I eat the citizens of Bikini Bottom or do I settle for chips & guac instead" To quote another animated creature of the sea, "Fish are friends, not food!" Obviously, chips and guac are always the move.

"What is A Bronx Tale?"

Who knew the SpongeBob is actually a natural Celebrity Jeopardy contestant?