The Gorey Details
By Roger J. An · Oct 17, 2000
Kevin McDermott in The Gorey Details(Photo: Brad Fowler) This reviewer had the most fortuitous opportunity to attend The Gorey Details on Friday the ...
King Lear
By Brooke Pierce · Oct 13, 2000
Ralph Waite and Natily Blair in King Lear Shakespeare is performed often enough that people frequently fail to take notice unless somebody famous is in a g
Tallulah Hallelujah!
By Ricky Spears · Oct 12, 2000
Tovah Feldshuhin Tallulah Hallelujah! First, let's talk about the coat. At the top of Tallulah Hallelujah! at the Douglas Fairbanks Theatre, Tovah Feldshuh-
The Elephant Man
By Jason Anthony · Oct 11, 2000
Tony Ward (top) and Timothy McCrackenin The Elephant Man It's a little strange to watch Bernard Pomerance's The Elephant Man today. The play was a hit ...
The Butterfly Collection
By David Finkle · Oct 6, 2000
Betsy Aidem, Reed Birney, James Colby,and Marian Seldes in The Butterfly Collection(Photo: Joan Marcus) Although she has a number of plays and productions
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Oct 5, 2000
(l to r) Niall Ashdown, guest Florie Seery, Angela Clerkin and Stella Duffy in Lifegame (Photo: Joan Marcus) They call it Lifegame. It's a clever,
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Oct 3, 2000
John Lavin and Daniel Carltonin Cowboys!(Photo: Clint Jefferies) Not five minutes into Cowboys!, the new gay musical comedy at the Wings Theatre, you'...
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
By Brooke Pierce · Sep 29, 2000
Edwin Sean Patterson andZoey O'Toole plot murder andmayhem in Sweeney Todd If you grew up in England, you might be familiar with a certain legend of a boge
Cardboard Moon
By Brooke Pierce · Sep 27, 2000
Cardboard cast members Just when you thought there weren't any new genres left to be invented, someone went and got the idea to make a commedia dell'art
A Lesson Before Dying
By David Finkle · Sep 25, 2000
Jamahl Marsh and Isiah Whitlock, A Lesson Before Dying(Photo: Susan Johann) Since their positions on education are of blaring interest to Al Gore and ...