Chef's Theater
Chef's Theater is the title of the new whatsis at The Supper Club. Although the "chef's" part is accurate, the "theater" part really ...
James Barbour and Neil Patrick Harrisin Assassins(Photo © Joan Marcus) At least once, sensitivity surrounding a musical about gunning down presidents halt
Milne at the Mint
James Knight and Victoria Mackin Mr. Pim Passes By(Photo © Richard Termine) Since we live in a time when the past seems to have decreasing value for too m
The Normal Heart
Raúl Esparza and Billy Warlockin The Normal Heart(Photo © Carol Rosegg) As with everything else it affects, time changes plays. That certainly appl
Boston Theater Marathon
Keith Mascoll in Love Jones(Photo © John Adekoje) Watch this playwright! Watch this actor! There were plenty of treats at the Sixt
Between Us
Kate Jennings-Grant and David Harbourin Between Us(Photo © Joan Marcus) Not long after the two long-time-friendly couples in Joe Hortua's Between Us
Michael Arden in bare(Photo © Joan Marcus) I don't usually cry at musicals, but Bare is an exception. The show teeters on becoming overly melodrama
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Arthur Anderson and John Ulmanin A Midsummer Night's Dream(Photo © Erik Stuhaug) For anyone who needs proof of the endurance of Shakespeare's themes and l
Señor Discretion Himself
John Bolton, Shawn Elliott, and the castof Señor Discretion Himself(Photo © Scott Suchman) The whole thing sounds improbabl
Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine in Biro(Photo © Michal Daniel) "I have lost more friends as a result of AIDS than as a result of combat," s