A Man of No Importance
Roger Rees and Steven Pasqualein A Man of No Importance(Photo: Paul Kolnik) So many blockbuster musicals have been based on what were once considered unlikely ...
The Exonerated
Richard Dreyfuss in The Exonerated(Photo: Carol Rosegg) The Exonerated, which was compiled and shaped by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen, tries the ...
The Charity That Began at Home
Harmony Schuttler and Karl Kenzlerin The Charity That Began at Home(Photo: Richard Termine) In 2002, the name St. John Hankin may mean little or nothing to ...
Antony and Cleopatra
Maureen Porter and DeeAnn Wir in Antony and Cleopatra (Photo: Bob Pileggi) Bombay Dreams won't be hitting these shores for at l
Rum and Vodka
Mark Alhadeff in Rum and Vodka(Photo: Gary Breckheimer) Few of us have not wanted to throw our computer terminal out the office window at some point in our ...
Fiona Shaw as Medea (Photo: Neil Libbert) Fiona Shaw's Medea enters Tom Pye's Frank Gehry-like cinder block and Plexiglass evocation of ancie
Armando Riesco, Keira Naughton, Josh Hamilton,Ione Skye, and Peter Dinklage in Evolution (Photo: J. Merrill) Plays about Hollywood hav
My Old Lady
Jan Maxwell and Peter Friedman in My Old Lady (Photo: Craig Schwartz) The works of Israel Horovitz can't easily be categorized, so it's odd to say that his
The World Over
Kevin Isola is Gryphon in The World Over(Photo: Joan Marcus) Perched on a catwalk, muscles bulging, the Gryphon of Dvolnek spreads its ...
The Butter and Egg Man
Egg men David Turner and Tom Mardirosian(Photo: Carol Rosegg) For playwrights like Harold Pinter, on-stage pauses are vital; for ...