Harvey Fierstein and Dick Latessa in Hairspray(Photo © Paul Kolnik) As soon as it was announced that the full-length, two-act musi
Acts of Mercy: passion-play
José Febus and Andrés Munar inActs of Mercy: passion-play (Photo © Sandra Coudert) Thanks to Mel Gibson's bloody fi
Barefoot in the Park
David Finkle discovers that Neil Simon's 1963 comedy hasn't worn well over the years.
Eileen Atkins heads the compelling new cast of John Patrick Shanley's still-brilliant play.
Fanny Hill
David Cromwell, Patti Allison, and Nancy Anderson in Fanny Hill (Photo © Carol Rosegg) It's hard to imagine while watching
The Times They Are A-Changin'
Twyla Tharp's new musical, set to the songs of Bob Dylan, is a feast for the eyes, ears, and soul.
Luke Kirby, Michi Barall, and Tom Sadoski in Jump / Cut Photo © T. Charles Erickson A group of twenty-somethings having trouble g
Back of the Throat
Adeel Akhtar and Jason Guy in Back of the Throat (Photo © Max Ruby) Of all the plays I've seen dealing with the aftermath of September 11, 2001, Back
All's Well That Ends Well
George Morfogen and Kate Forbes in All's Well That Ends Well (Photo © Gerry Goodstein) There is a partial answer to Sigmund Freud
The Seven
Will Power's reworking of the classic Greek tragedy Seven Against Thebes is entertaining and inventive, if a bit intellectually muddled.