Brutal Imagination
By Ben Winters · Jan 10, 2002
Joe Morton and Sally Murphy in Brutal Imagination (Photo: Carol Rosegg) What happened in Union, South Carolina in 1994 was one of those shocking incidents th
Maria del Bosco
By David Finkle · Jan 9, 2002
Funda Duyal, Juliana Francis, and Okwui Okpokwasili in Maria del Bosco (Photo: Paula Court) How many writer-director-designers are there who request the audi
Mrs. Feuerstein
By David Finkle · Jan 8, 2002
Daniel Ahearn and Maria O'Brienin Mrs. Feuerstein(Photo: Carol Rosegg) It's 1965, and Holocaust survivor Adele Feuerstein has taken a position at a small ...
Good Thing
By David Finkle · Jan 2, 2002
Alicia Goranson and Cara Buono in Good Thing (Photo: Carol Rosegg) It is rarely noted that when dramatists follow the standard advice to write about what t
By David Finkle · Dec 27, 2001
Kelly Hutchinson and Yusef Bulos in Homebody/Kabul (Photo: Joan Marcus) Although Tony Kushner insists that all plays are political, he is nonetheless our m
Summer of '42
By David Finkle · Dec 26, 2001
Kate Jennings Grant and Ryan Driscollin Summer of ?42(Photo: Kevin Byrne) Much of Summer of '42 takes place on the beach, which may explain why it ...
Little Ham
By Brooke Pierce · Dec 20, 2001
Carmen Ruby Floyd and André Garnerin Little Ham(Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg) 1936 Harlem is the setting of Little Ham, currently being presented b
A Queer Carol
By Dan Bacalzo · Dec 14, 2001
Henry David Clarke and Dan Pintauro in A Queer Carol (Photo: Ron Peaslee) 'Tis the season to be queer. Or, at least that's what it seems like in New York, w
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Dec 13, 2001
Criss Angel It may be the Christmas season, but it will seem like Halloween the moment you step in to the World Underground Theatre on West 43rd Street to see Cris
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Dec 12, 2001
Keith David and Liev Schreiber in Othello(Photo: Michal Daniel) Shakespeare's Othello should, of course, be called Iago. The Moor rarely holds ...