The Lord of the Rings
Peter Howe, James Loye, and Michael Therriault in The Lord of the Rings (Photo ©Manuel Harlan) What does it say about a show w
Scott Bakula shines in Jeff Calhoun's revival of the 1975 Broadway hit at Ford's Theatre.
Living Room in Africa
Bathsheba Doran's play about British expatriates living in a remote African village is poignant and powerful.
Elena Shaddow and her creepy friends in Carnival(Photo © Jerry Dalia) Theatergoers and critics who have deplored the high-handed t
Help Wanted
Josh Lefkowitz in a publicity shot for Help Wanted (Photo © Kyle Ancowitz) Spalding Gray is Josh Lefkowitz's last great hero. One
Fahrenheit 451
The Godlight Theater Company presents Ray Bradbury's dramatization of his hugely prophetic novel.
The Man From Nebraska
Tracy Letts's play about a man's spiritual crisis is often unbelievable and sometimes boring, despite exemplary performances by Brian Kerwin and Kathy Baker.
Raúl Esparza and cast in Company(Photo © Sandy Underwood) Director John Doyle's thrilling new interpretation of the Stephen
Children of a Lesser God
Alexandra Wailes and Jeffry Denman in Children of a Lesser God (Photo © Theresa Squires) The Bratters aren't the only troubled on
A Night in November
The Irish Arts Center's revival of this one-man play about religious intolerance is extremely powerful.