Time to Burn
James T. Ware and Emily Laochuain Time to Burn(Photo © Rahav Segev) It's not true that Charles L. Mee has a play opening every week; it only seems that wa
Lloyd Notice and Kathryn Merry in Othello(Photo © Richard Termine) Faced with interpreting William Shakespeare, some directors think they've been handed a
The Imaginary Invalid
The Imaginary Invalid(Photo © Claudine Doury) The Comédie-Française troupe has been on view locally only four times
God is a DJ
God is a DJ:Timothy Ryan Olson and Sarah Fraunfelder (Photo © Carol Rosegg) The programs handed out for the second production -- don't call it a sophomor
The Gay Naked Play
Gregory Marcel, Desmond Dutcher, and Ellen Reillyin The Gay Naked Play(Photo © Jack Slomovits) Playwright David Bell has a caustic
Chad Beckim and Glenn Cruz in Play(Photo © Robert O'Hara) It was a promising idea: Playwright/director Robert O'Hara invited five other playwrights to joi
Ghost City
Jonathan Floyd of Ghost City (Sweatshirt reads: "FU*K YOU, I'M WELSH!") (Photo © Dave Daggers) Of the British Isles, Wales has been the most u
Peter and Jerry
Frank Wood and Frederick Weller in Peter and Jerry(Photo © T. Charles Erickson) We're all entitled to an occasional lapse in judgm
Marc Salem's Mind Games on Broadway
Marc Salem(Photo © Joan Marcus) If Marc Salem were reading this review, he wouldn't have to. He would know what it says without bothering to peruse it, because
Toxic Audio in Loudmouth
Toxic Audio in Loudmouth They mean their moniker -- Toxic Audio -- as a joke, don't they? The same for the show's title -- Loudmout