NYMF Roundup #3
Todd Horman, Sean Dugan and Trisha Rapierin Nerds:// A Musical Software Satire (Photo © Bruce Glikas) [Ed. Note: This is the third of three TheaterMan
In the Wings
Marilyn Sokol and Peter Scolari in In the Wings(Photo © Carol Rosegg) As show folk often do nowadays, playwright Stewart F. Lane
Colder Than Here
David Finkle warms up to Laura Wade's drama about a dying woman who tries to bring her chilly family together.
The Scottish Play
Rebecca Wisocky and Jere Burnsin The Scottish Play (Photo © Scott Humbert) Lee Blessing, whose comedy Fortinbras picked up where Hamlet lef
NYMF Roundup #2
Doug Kreeger and Ivan Hernandez in Yank (Photo © Shaffer/Coyle) [Ed. Note: This is the second of three TheaterMania review rou
The Great American Trailer Park Musical
According to David Finkle, this tuneful tuner is good enough to give you a good time.
No Foreigners Beyond This Point
Wai Ching Ho, Ean Sheehy and Laura Kai Chen in No Foreigners Beyond This Point (Photo © David Gochfeld) Inspired by the Tony-win
Walking Down Broadway
Ben Roberts and Amanda Jonesin Walking Down Broadway (Photo © Richard Termine) When Dawn Powell went to Hollywood for the filming
On the Town
Reprise! presents the classic musical about World War II-era sailors on leave in NYC.
Fran's Bed
Mia Farrow stars in James Lapine's controversial new drama.