Lost Land
Stephen Jeffreys' play at Steppenwolf, starring John Malkovich, puts its obvious literary pedigree center stage.
Victor Bumbalo's bumpy new drama benefits from a strong cast.
The Audience
The Transport Group's nearly perfect new musical -- with a 46-strong cast -- is cheerful, funny, touching, and ultimately awe-inspiring.
The False Servant
Brian Kulick's canny mounting of Marivaux's play of greed, betrayal, and female brain-power emits its own strange verbal music.
When the Bulbul Stopped Singing
The "Brits Off Broadway" festival presents a Palestinian soap opera for credulous Westerners.
The Pillowman
Martin McDonagh's drama with mountains of laughs is the play of the year.
On Golden Pond
This revival is unlikely to erase memories of the 1981 film, yet it is a respectable and in many ways admirable effort.
Orange Flower Water
Jason Butler Harner and Pamela J. Grayin Orange Flower Water(Photo © S. McGee) "There are no moments of goodness that don't come w
Beau Jest
Timothy Hornor, Charity Parenzini, Jason Adkinsin Beau Jest(Photo © Matthew Lawrence) I mean this in the most affectionate sense: Taproot Theatre Company
Not Yet Diagnosed (Nervous) 1918
The Axis Company's latest experimental piece, Not Yet Diagnosed (Nervous), takes place in the memories of shell shocked WWI soldiers.