Patrick Wilson in Oklahoma!(Photo: Michael LePoer Trench) Many a new day has dawned since Oklahoma! made its first appearance on Broadway in 1943. ...
Forbidden Broadway
By David Finkle · Mar 21, 2002 · New York City
Donna English and Michael Westin Forbidden Broadway(Photo: Carol Rosegg) Gerard Alessandrini has been doing professionally and lucratively for 20 years what ...
Forbidden City Blues
By Dan Bacalzo · Mar 21, 2002 · New York City
(l-r) Peter Von Berg, Richard Ebihara, Julia McLaughlin,Jose Rosario, Perry Yung, and Fay Ann Leein Forbidden City Blues (Photo: Carol Rosegg) Crafting a fa
Dance, My Darling, Dance
By Brooke Pierce · Mar 19, 2002 · New York City
Gus Scharr and K Tanzerin Dance, My Darling, Dance(Photo: Dixie Sheridan) Once a year or so, the members of Collision Theory select an interesting topic--say
Hot Mikado
By Meredith Lee · Mar 19, 2002 · New York City
Chandra Currelley and Ross Lehman in Hot Mikado(Photo: Stan Barouh) Does Hot Mikado really take place in an ancient Japanese ...
By Brooke Pierce · Mar 15, 2002 · New York City
Prodigal...and three Prodi-guys: (l. to r.) Joshua Park,David Hess, Alison Fraser, and Christian Borle (Photo: Carol Rosegg) Pro
Sweet Smell of Success
By David Finkle · Mar 15, 2002 · New York City
Brian d'Arcy James and John Lithgowin Sweet Smell of Success(Photo: Paul Kolnik) At the beginning of Sweet Smell of Success, J. J. Hunsecker (John ...
Mr. Goldwyn
Laugh loudly and carry a big shtick: Alan King as Mr. Goldwyn (Photo: Carol Rosegg) In the new play Mr. Goldwyn at the Promenade Theatre, Alan King
The Dazzle
By David Finkle · Mar 14, 2002 · New York City
Brotherly love among the ruins:Reg Rogers and Peter Frechette in The Dazzle(Photo: Joan Marcus) Langley Collyer, the piano-playing brother in Richard ...
Surviving Grace
By David Finkle · Mar 13, 2002 · New York City
Doris Belack and Illeana Douglas in Surviving Grace(Photo: Joan Marcus) On April 14, 1996, a play by Trish Vradenburg called The App